AJ Construction – building excellence and integrity from the ground up.

AJ Construction, Inc. has been building homes in Southern Utah for 17 years.  Combining exceptionally experienced professionals with only the finest quality materials. AJ Construction, Inc. is in the business of building a home you can take pride in.

Having developed a reputation for building homes with exceptional value, AJ Construction, Inc. embraces your dreams and visions to make building a home an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.  Keeping with the tradition of hand on building we complete all excavation and concrete with AJ employees.  If you want affordable quality, let AJ Construction, Inc. build your dream home.

About the Construction Process

The process of building a home can seem overwhelming.  By breaking it down into stages, we hope that it becomes more manageable and easier to understand.  Although weather conditions and other unforeseen events can result in delays, AJ Construction can generally construct your home in 4 to 6 months depending on the site and optional features of the home.

  • Step 1    Construction Contract

    You select your home site, your home plans, and discuss what you want incorporated into the home with the builder. You then sign a construction contract and secure a construction loan.

  • Step 2    Preconstruction

    Your home site is surveyed and staked, marking the lot boundaries and placement of the home. You then meet with an AJ Construction Representative to review your plans in detail.

  • Step 3    Permits

    AJ Construction works with approved officials to pull all permits required to proceed with building your new home. This process can take anywhere from one to four weeks depending on which city the home site is located in. Until all permits are in place, we cannot proceed to the foundation stage.

  • Step 4    Foundation

    The ground is excavated and the foundation is poured. Once cured, the foundation is waterproofed and backfilled with dirt. Underslab plumbing is installed, floors are poured, and utility lines are run from the street to your foundation.

  • Step 5    Framing

    Your exterior and interior walls are framed, during which time wall sheathing is added to enclose the house; this reduces the possibility of water or air penetration. Then the roof is added. Once your home is under roof, you will be contacted to begin making selections for your home such as electrical, cabinet, heating and cooling, lighting, appliances, and faucets.

  • Step 6    Mechanical

    At the mechanical stage, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems are roughed in, installing pipes, wiring and duct work. Bathtubs, shower units, furnace(s), and other large items are also installed. Before we can proceed to the insulation state, the framing and rough mechanicals must pass inspection by the city.

  • Step 7    Insulation

    Insulation is added between studs in all exterior walls, between ceiling joists forming vaults, and under any exterior floor surfaces. Gaps between framing members and around windows are then insulated to reduce potential air leaks.

  • Step 8    Interior Finishes

    Drywall is installed and finished. Attic insulation is blown. Interior doors, cabinets and trim are installed, then painted and/or stained. Other materials such as tile, countertops, mirrors, and flooring are installed. The HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work are also finished. This includes, but is not limited to, installing the air conditioner, water heater, light fixtures, faucets, and appliances. Finally, initial drywall and paint touchup are done, and the home is cleaned.

  • Step 9    Exterior Finishes

    Since all exterior finish items are completed, weather permitting, there is no set schedule to when they will be done. At some point after drywall is installed, you can expect to see stucco applied to the home, and brick and/or stone installed where applicable. Driveways, sidewalks, and patios are poured. Once these items are complete, the exterior of the home will be painted.

  • Step 10    Landscaping

    Your yard is graded to slope away from the foundation as required by city code. Deck, fence and sprinklers are installed if these options have been added to the home, and then the yard is landscaped and sodded.

  • Step 11    Walk-Through

    The final walk-through is scheduled. During the walk-through, you will be assisted by an AJ Construction Representative in making a “punch list” of any cosmetic or mechanical defects needing attention.

  • Step 12    Inspection/Completion

    A city official will conduct a final inspection of the home to ensure that it meets all current building codes. Once the interior and exterior items are found to be satisfactory, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.

  • Step 13    Post Completion

    A one-year warranty is backed on your home. At eleven months you may initiate this service by submitting a list to AJ Construction via facsimile, email or mail. Make your list as detailed as possible, including complete descriptions of the items needing attention. Upon receipt of your warranty service request, AJ Construction will contact you to schedule an appointment to make repairs covered under the warranty. Some work may require the attention of a subcontractor, in which case they will contact you directly to schedule the work.